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Maenpo is Self-Defend
You can learn the fighting art of MAENPO ONLINE via VCD and MAENPO'S BOOK
The Wisdom Fighting Art Of Maenpo

As the Master Of Maenpo Jember East Java, I would like to introduce an unique and seldom fighting art that is in heritance of SUNDANESE (West Java). As a young generation, we must continue the national culture in Nusantara, especially the fighting art like "SILAT". MAENPO is the fighting art is defferent with "SILAT", difference is in "SILAT" there is a special organization like IPSI, but in MAENPO there is not a special organization and the learning of this is just face to face between teacher and student. By developing of tehnology all of the people can learn MAENPO via audio visual VCD Film with Title "The Fighting Art Of MAENPO", with the information in this Web Site, I hope it can uncrease your knowledge about the fighting art. The purpose of this is to reserve the pure art of our culture in my beloved nation.

The History Of Maenpo
MAENPO is a simple and unique fighting art by using hand speed with a term "Hand as a gun or Hand is a foot". According to Mr. UTAY MOCHTAR From Kadupandak Village, Cianjur (West Java), MAENPO is from the word "MAENPA" or "MAIN PAPAT" (Four point), that is : Mbah Khair (Bogor), Bang KARI (Betawi), Bang MADI (Pageruyung), SABANDAR (CIANJUR). MAENPO Consist of 27 happening aspect and 3 meaning aspect, that is created by Mr. Haji Ibrahim with the complete name " Raden Djayaperbata " from Cikalong Cianjur West Java. He does not know exactly when he creates this aspec, but he was born on 1816 and he was dead on 1906. He was burried in Majalaya Cikalong Kulon Cianjur. Maenpo is not the same with "SILAT", we can not make competation in MAENPO because the aspect of MAENPO can kill. The Important one of learning MAENPO is we can use the real MAENPO aspect, If we feel our skin will be meat, be at one with our body.
The Truth Of Maenpo

&nbspMAENPO is not only for the people who has special body and power but it is for all the people without thinking whether he/she has tall or short body or he/she has strong power or weak power. The focus of Maenpo is how we use the apect by using our brain than our muscle, it's mean that someone who is this, He/She must be brave to some one who is fat, He/She must look for the way how to face his/her enemy with his/her weak power, it uses our brain because people can uncrease their power by using their brain. People is defferent with animals. If we want to clash the animals, we must look for the same animal because the animals do not have brain, but people who fight with the strong man/woman, he/she must face him/her calmly. According to us, it is imposible, that's why if we want to learn MAENPO, we must be diligent, I'm sure if we do not try and try, we can't get it. (The Wisdom from Raden Abad: motion has a meaning so be careful with someone motion)
The Chronicle Of Maenpo Cikalong

The creator of MAENPO is Mr. Haji Ibrahim from Cikalong Cianjur West Java. There are many Maenpo teachers, They are Haji Ma'ruf, he is 27 th teacher, Bang MADI, he is 28 th teacher and Bang Kari he is the 29 th teacher. According to our teacher Mr Utay Mochtar the first MAENPO is in Cianjur and we call it Maenpo Mande, Mr Haji Ibrahim have combined it with Maenpo Madi and Maenpo Kari. Now, we call it Maenpo Cikalong. Mr. Haji Ibrahim (Raden Djayaperbata) has many students, one of them is Raden Busrin, He studied to Mr Haji Ibrahim and Ama Sabandar. Ama Sabandar has the sure name Kasim, he comes from Pagaruyung West Sumatra and he lived in Sabandar Cianjur. The last one is Raden Abad, he has learned to Raden Busrin for 16 years, he wants to be is a good fighter of Maenpo. Finally, Raden Abad is the professor of Maenpo when he was 32 years old. He has learned this fighting art of Maenpo for 16 years than he tried and tried, in order this fighting art is quick and easy to learn. That's why Raden abad make a summary to this knowledge with the name "Pedoman Kaidah Maenpo" or in the most populer book "Tuduh Kaidah Maenpo", that consist of 5 chapters, they are :
2. Bab Opat Perjalanan (Journey Opat)
3. Bab Rasa (Feeling)
4. Bab Gerak (Movement)
5. Bab Jurus Kejadian (Happening Aspect)
The Process Of Maenpo Aspect Or Happening Aspect

Raden Abad has many students, they are : Mr.Utay Mohctar, Mr. MISBAH, Mr. Yeye, Mr. Banam, Mr. Ucu', all of them came from Kadupandak Cianjur and this knowledge is continued by Mr. Utay for Kadupandak area. There is an interesting story when Mr. Utay learned this fighting art to his teacher Raden Abad. He asked to Raden Abad : "Why does Maenpo have many aspect ? Raden Abad answers it by smiling. He says : in order his students quick and easy to learn, it does not like him learn Maenpo for 16 years". Now, if we want to learn maenpo, we just learn 30 aspect, and we call it "JURUS KEJADIAN" (happening aspect) If we have master it, we can defend our selves by using "Penggalan" (piece), "Remasan" (knead), "Potongan" (fragment) and "Gicel". Because of this Raden Abad creates happening aspect.
In a moment of Maenpo Jember-East Java

The Fighting Art Of Maenpo in West Java only has few interested people now because the young generation think that maenpo is old of date. It is different with the intered person of fighting art in Jember City East Java, with the name RIZKI JOKO SUKMONO MASTER ART Of MAENPO and LSPM PRANA/INNER POWER, he always preserve the fighting art of MAENPO. He has learned it from Mr. UTAY MOCHTAR. He feels as a young generation, he must preserve our national culture (Nusantara Culture) especially Maenpo that come frome sundanese. After he got mandate from his teacher Mr. Utay Mochtar, he develop this fighting art to his students in Jember East Java.

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Discourse: Utay Mochtar


Are 10 Section who shall be remembered Which Is:

1. SEASON (Time)
Its mean: "Shall quick correspond to its time don't over be preceded or is preceded and do not too late”.

Its mean: "Cepat melaksanakan pelajaran MAENPO"

Its mean: " Remember quickly MAENPO'S study "

4. DIJIEUN (Made)
Its mean: If treated by someone / foe with is not delicate.

5. YIEUN (Treated)
Don't be given domiciles foe on the nose or do not be given time!".

6. MARKING (Sign)
Its mean: " If is grapple that tremendously strong doesn't be forced, if congested doesn't be forced. So in conclusion doesn't be thrust”.

7. APPROXIMATELY (Jealously)
Its mean: Don't moo, If see hand position / couple versus oversized or poor eventually maybe deceit, so has have estimate.

8. STANDARDS (Usually)
Its mean: " If has to be hit doesn't be stricken down and striking down don't with hit or most turns in at jurus Maenpo's rule "

9. TASTES( Felt)
Its mean: Felt by us at the time collide other people handed hand / enemy( CHAPTER SEE PERCEIVES)."

10. U RASAN'S RACE (Don't get pity compassion)
Its mean: If we utilize jurus Maenpo shall no nonsense and bent to the oars upon instance truthfully.


1. That Maenpo that betah shall in 27 Jurus instances, its mean has to memorize and is coached
2. Maenpo shall remember continually for the purpose. Jurus 28, 29, 30 (Plate intention, Askew intention, Main Hiji)
3. That Maenpo shall price time, its mean on time of what does be built by us.
4. That Maenpo shall respect 2 rule its mean hits and striking down.

Additional explanation: MAENPO ’ it shall utilize four trip its mean: Jurus four (Opat Pasagi) which is: Vice versa, its backward forward jurus four and can make serieses in practised jurus if necessary

Taste in Maenpo ’ it available 3 Kinds:

1. ANGGANG'S TASTE (Imagined taste)
Its mean: Have figured upon a long way off ” Example: ”Whew that man gets to show face sour, don't it anger... !” (At our that time shall alert)

2. ANTEL'S TASTE (Touching taste)
Its mean: : Time puts hand out we get touch feel strength touch don't it energy versus!”
3. LIGHT taste (Hunch)
Its mean: “Bathin's sight we one presumably ready or not, snugly or not ”


Power that is used in MAENPO are 3 kinds:
1. POWER MEANS( Power Means)
Its mean:Move is grapple puts hand out that contains intention. ^
2. POWER BACKS( Mulangkeun's power)
Artunya: Backing other people energy.
3. PROVOCATION POWER( Provocation power)
Its mean : If versus be quiet, menyatunya with standards (Please look Baku-baku).


CHAPTER special V, just enlightened by jurus's the names only, meanwhile its instance shall be driven by teacher and quick been remembered its study.
While we practice jurus jurus Maenpo available two rules, one that in it about power PUHU (Jetty) and TUNGTUNG (Tip), Which is:

• PUHU (Jetty)
Its mean: "Tenaga orang belum keluar, baru mau muncul sudah ditutup"

Its mean: "Energy is left out because of it used to be later"
Are measure even that energy as which its length breathing, nah, at the end that energy halting breath, that time is gawping. So versus is still at jetty, we don't oppose it of tip. "Dengan apa diatasinya? Ya ! dengan pangkal kita." CHAPTER such v about jurus and jurus's the names "MAENPO" or knew by 27 jurus instances and 3 Jurus Means as follows:

Jurus MAENPO's the names ’ (27 Jurus instances and 3 Jurus Means).
1. Susun 29. Maksud Serong
2. Sambut Luar 30. Main Hiji
3. Sambut Luar Pepeuhan
4. Opat Pasagi
5. Lima Labuhan
6. Pasangan Peupeuhan
7. Tumpangan Peupeuhan
8. Pasangan Labuhan
9. Tumpangan Labuhan
10. Parieusan
11. Peunggasan
12. Peunggasan Kulit
13. Potongan Siku
14. Teken Jihad
15. Malik Jihad
16. Parieusan Pura-Pura
17. Kocet
18. Potongan Labuhan
19. Lima Peupeuhan
20. Serut
21. KARI
22. MAD I
23. JuruTilu
24. Sabandar
25. Gicel
26. Sambut Jero
27. Ringkeusan Pura-pura
28. Maksud Lempeng



MAENPO created by indigenous Ibrahim Pilgrim Cikalong Cianjur Western Java. While most data of so much teacher it for example: its 27th teacher is Ma's Pilgrim ’ ruf that 28th is Bang Madi and 29th one is Bang Curry. According to our teacher discourse Utay Mochtar Maenpo Maenpo's father whatever available first time at Cianjur is Maenpo Mande, then banded by Ibrahim's Pilgrim with Maenpo Madi and maenpo is Curry that kinin was called By Maenpo Cikalong. Ibrahim's pilgrim there are many memilki student amongst those Raden Busrin it collaborative learning to 2 its teachers which is H. Ibrahim and Sabandar's Mammas that name in origin is person original Castrate Pageruyung Sumattra west (Living at Sabandar Cianjur).
Last is Raden Century that learns keapda Raden Busrin up to 16 the Year aspires emnajdi Maenpo's Heros and beliau becomes daatau Gauru's heros Outgrows Maenpio Diusiannya that 32nd year. Finally from pengeambanagan beliau's art tries mempraktiskan jurus jurus maenpo in order to fast to be studied by someone not necessarily eat long time time as beliau on term learnedding to eat time up to 16 years. Finally of tripping Raden that Century briefs scholarly its utilised previous understanding than its scholarly method to its student which is with make maenpo's Method guidance or one knew by ACCUSE MAENPO'S METHOD consisting of 5 developed Chapter deep its tattle by Utay Mochtar for example Chapter it is as follows:
1. Season chapter
2. Opat's chapter trip
3. Sensed chapter
4. Stirred chapter
5. Jurus's chapter instance.

Discourse: Utay Mochtar's father. Kadupandak Cianjur

Raden is Century has quite a lot student amongst those: Utay Mochtar, Lamp, Yeye, Banam, Ikom, Jarfoni, Ucuh, one that every thing is indigenous mueridnya student one comes from Kadupandak Cianjur and this scholarly router heretofore at Kadupandak's region just stays behind Utay Mochtar's Father.

Are story withdraw from Utay Mochtar's Father one time learns to Raden Century. Whies Maenpo have a lot of Jurus?” With Raden's smile Century answers “ “ So fate its student be not as it in studies maenpo to eat time 16 years. So pack Maenpo now just dnegan gains control jurus sebanayak 30 jurus can plead self with penggelan, squeeze, abatamen and gicel. This is why effect most composes jurus instance that created by dn packed by Raden Century
One of congregation Maenpo that famous at Cianjur's region namely "Maenpo Mekar Sekawan" under Bp's upbringing. Utay Mochtar namely learns from Maenpo's Developer now at Jember East Java namely: Joko Sukmono's blessing, SH that its congregation recognised with Traditional Self-defence Art Maenpo with motto: ATI'S CALM (Utay Mochtar's father mandate that was developed at East Java). ATI'S CALM name also constitute name an institute that mothered by Joko Sukmono's Blessing, SH that recognised by the name of Meditation Gallery & Dill "ADEM ATI" one that its activity covers: Training Meditates, Dill cure, TQN PonPes Suryalaya Tasikmalaya's Recitation ceremony Western Java and as sport physical its, Sitter chooses Maenpo's self-defence that it has once studied from Utay Mochtar Kadupandak Cianjur's Father Western Java. Now Traditional Self-defence Art Maenpo also amends enough at Jember good East Java that is coached collegial and also privat (Teacher & Student).
According to discourse Utay Mochtar Maenpo constitutes brief beladiri art and unique, and relies hand speed, with terminology puts hand out to become weapon or hand becomes to do splits, upon experience with beliau, it says to put hand out those ingenious its, and if does splits to be a prey to one sedah runs out mind, handed difference.

According to Father teacher Discourse Utay Mochtar of Kadupandak Cianjur's village, MAENPO is word origin from MAENPA' or Maen Papat (maen four / four flows) which is:
1. Embah Khair (Bogor)
2. Bang Khari (Betawi)
3. Bang Madhi (Sumatra BaraVPageruyung)
4. Sabandar (Cianjur)

One that consisting of 27 Jurus instances and 3 jurus Means, one that created by Ibrahim's Pilgrim manager, one that name in origin Raden Djajaperbata Cikalong Cianjur Western Java that is created on year that don't just after clear jurusnya's creation year, but beliau comes into the world on year 1816 and deaths on year 1906 one is buried at Majalaya Cikalong Kulon, Cianjur.

Method most importantly in studies MAENPO is "Kita dapat menjalankan jurus MAENPO yang sesungguhnya apabila kita sudah betah, sudah merasa kulit jadi daging, bersatu dengan badan kita"

Unspecialized MAENPO for physique or body and given energy measure but for anyone with doesn't see to form its physical well gets tall body / big or short, well that strong vigorous and also poor vigorous one.

Charge from MAENPO is how in mengetrapkan jurus jurusnya with menggunkan racks brains than muscle with the meaning: if little corporeal someone deep face corporeal person big obviously look for mind and carries on tactic to be able to defy by little energy, since man gets to add its force just by use of mind and think it.

In contrast to animal, if match against clear sheep animal has proportionate, since in's sheep animal! have no trickiness and think, really in contrast to man, if face kuatjangan's man is defied firmly but is defied weakly, and weight one shall be defied by that demulcent and fast one has to be defied by that slowing.

It is incredible pretend and deviating from our logic, therefore MAENPO shall be studied diligently, without keen and active in coaches it, we won't get to have it. MAENPO constitutes brief beladiri art and unique, and relies hand speed, with terminology puts hand out to become weapon or hand even becomes foot

(If wants clever don't ask on person that its non pros but asks on a teacher: Utay Mohctar's Father discourse)

MAENPO'S practised trick
A Maenpo's student that studies or practice jurus jurusnya without understands jurusnya's benefit and name called by apal cangkem. Fathom a meaning the student just memorize jurus to establish can't word what what does be practiced or that be done. Method that is applied at present era is Know jurus's name, knowing jurusnya and application from jurus that.
Terminology in learned MAENPO.

a. MAENPO'S studying
Each student which studies directly be built by Teachers or coming directing to
an old hand at for studying until khatam / ends.

b. MAENPO'S exercise
Maenpo is coached own in accordance with total jurus that is gotten or that is studied its and at recoaches jurusnya as much we eat (Utay Mochtar's Father discourse). Fathom a meaning: if we one day of two-time eating mean every day knowledge or that jurus must been coached as much two-time also or more.

c. Goodwill to Teachers
In Tasawuf's the world available that diistilahkan with robithah or tightens bathin's relationship student with Teachers, no utilised other remember order and that teacher teaching. But usually deep MAENPO available terminology pengecekkan is jurus jurus realready been gotten student to its teacher each month once in order not to forgets but progressively perfect what do be studied its because will be seen and is controlled direct with teachers.

d. Prohibition Upon practised MAENPO
Perilous it this jurus MAEPO that will make fatal on its foe causes to arise it hard prohibition of Teachers to its student, practicing jurus jurus MAENPO to friend or others and this fulminating if breached by students therefore teacher will dismiss it or will be commemorated strictly that student. Even puts hand out among student was prohibitted to stick excepts by its teacher or representative teacher.

1. Don't bluff to learn
2. Don't Perceive Good At studies MAENPO
3. Don't Calumniate, insult, and disfigures others institution
4. Don't Haughty, Arrogant, and Riya'
5. Don't perceive to want discouraged by others.
(Discourse: Raden NUNUNG)



According to Raden Memed at the time it studies Maenpo, Its trick practices jurus without at and explanation so called by “ Apal Cangkem ” namely: Student memorizes with that jurus jurus's mouth, but can't word what what about jurus jurus which coached by it. Practised schedule doesn't be determined when active nightly when lazy unpractised yes, just 1 month 1 time. So too institute or organization its formal no, whatever available is subjective teacher with student, mean while amount its student at loose ends and not overdose, to is woman just usually dance pencaknya only.

Raden Memed's discourse outboard also been announced by Raden Nunung about Raden Obing if teaches Maenpo. Raden Obing an indulgent Maenpo Teacher, until students have never been seen beliau angers. On beliau's student so affection doesn't discriminate, never hides knowledge, in teaches to its student never point out to go against the stomach, but that student already boring and practised halting.

Pilgrim Manager appointment Ibrahim Cikalong with Sabandar's Mamma, they both get hand touch establish be not been drawned out but are released again, and unaccountable. That scene Purwakarta's happening, upon they was old same.

Of other source to be known also but it to pet keamananm where is a robber which a heavy hand and masterly once deep self-defence named Bapa Chat, come from jonggol. Raden Ateng Alimidun (teacher is first teach Raden Ibrahim Cikalong's Pilgrim) and Raden Obing (Raden's student Ibrahim Cikalong's Pilgrim) commanded by Wedana Leech to catch Sir Chat at Jonggol, Cibarusah, Bogor. Happening contention told as follows: Sir ready Chat in the middle its house, tread's foot rigorous next door, tanggannya grips Jonggol's brand clasp knife. Raden Obing and Raden Ateng Alimudin invades by jump to intermediate mendorak's afters house door. Bapa is Chat wants to stand up apt hurried kicks its chest by Raden Ateng Alimudin until it falls to lay face up. Sir Chat shortly arouses stand, let by Raden Ateng Alimudin, that it pounces. Sir Chat pricks towards Raden Ateng Alimudin's belly, but that knife terpental until break, meanwhile Chat Gentleman hand dikilirkan rearward, and it asks for pardon because painfulness. Such, that contention is done to catch robber, are not for menunjukan to perceive top in penca's knowledge.
Despite of that principle is going deep that maenpo u rasrasan (don't get pity compassion), but then in mandate is interposed that knowledge maenpo shall be utilized for thing what does utilitarian. Presumably, even that thing figure out contention manner. So too contention manner descries from Penca Cikalong what does rely tehnis's adeptness methodics self-defence knowledge perfectly and on the nose, so all safe no that gets calamity, well ourself and also foe.

Mandate Learns
According to Raden Memed, accepted mandate of its father, which is Raden Obing Ibrahim, berkenaan with Maenpo is as follows: Knowledge (maenpo) don't be utilized for vanity. That knowledge ought to been utilized to help or pleads others that memerlukannnya. Knowledge one example of weapon, we shall get to take it. That that knowledge to clear a root one one presumably wreak benefit and don't to clear a root one begets kemudaratan.

Of other source to be known Raden Obing's mandate that is interposed in its book as follows: Reminded to all that be studies or already study ameng (penca), no until breach advice its teacher, separti tries others knowledge or show off movement at clears a root or at common place, because that such thing insufficiently belongs. That ameng's studying no eventual, eternally we study to go on, end upon deceased. At the time reach tall knowledge, behaviour becomes to be ware and jealously, what happen faced. Be so difficult knows who already tall its knowledge and who that still low, because observable one, e.g. beauty ibing (pencak's dance) can't at directive becomes penca's adeptness. Upon continues, can just be determined if that someone is higher, with or lenih contemns?. Any ameng (well that is at sunda's earth and also one originates from outside) no that lovely more or bad, most verily the whole lot so-so, menajdi is bad that stills bovine whereas have already constant masterly lovely so don't cling to ameng which but on adeptness or folly it.

Raden's mandate Ibrohim Cikalong's Pilgrim among laian as follows: Don't menyombomngkan Learn, more don't menyombongkan thyself masterly maenpo points out it everywhere because gets to evoke calumny insults and disfigure penca arrogant haughty the other and riya ’ by expectation is called masterly maenpo or wants to be known by others. That is too its cause why that learned accepted maenpo sangatb is chosen and its learned place even so enclosed can't see others.

Maenpo's method
At deep raden Memed's discourse is contained too berkenaan's things with usum (time), Taste (taste, Tease (Power) and Jurus (jurus). That verbal's explanation not whole explanation cause that sesungguhnyan is in practice move. Previously terminology myriad on Maenpo in that discourse. As previously Raden Memed accepts jurus from Raden Obing Ibrahim as jurus Five and jurus ten, meanwhile from Raden the Century accepts jurus sebanayak's instance 27 jurus and jurus means as much 3 jurus.


Scene learns to happen as scene of student studies Maenpo to its teacher (one that constitute Sister or you are another, father and grandfather) as: Raden Memed studies to its oldster which is Raden Obing Ibrahim, to its sister which is Raden Nunung and to Raden's cousin Century. That temporary Raden Century studies to Raden Busrin's Grandfather and to another doyen. Studying to learn any other at odd moments on gurunyan's fomentation former e.g. Raden Obing advised by its Teacher Enoh's Pilgrim manager to direct learns to Raden Ibrahim Cikalong's Pilgrim that becomes to learn Enoh's Pilgrim manager.

In discourse Maenpo Cikalong is not is told learns by “ngejajal” (Trying Maenpo with contention) which is: one lalau's loser learns with one wins. Raden Obing never try its the other teacher pretty much since maenpo just given circle proprietaries which is patrician family environments just that time. Evenless maenpo is its studying cover-up even. Despitefully marks sense manner that dijunjung high as one announced by Raden Obing namely reminds to all that be or already studies maenpo don't until breach Advise its Teacher as: trying this knowledge to others or memerkan moves maenpo is cleared a root, at common place because that such thing insufficiently belongs.

In Raden's Story Ibrahim Cikalong's Pilgrim really have once beliau "Bersambung" or tries jurusnya with H. Ma' ruf, Bang Madi and Bang Is Curry, but it did by good manner is not by against. But although extant blood relation not reduces kedasyatan that contention, as one experienced by Raden H. Tarmidi with incorrect an its cousin that asks for to her to be taught hit.

On epoch previously learned that Maenpo snipes at and may not appear by generically, it points out that as student just particular person or circumscribed circle especially them extant men blood relation. As one announced by Raden Memed: one that as student Raden Ibrahim is its own posterity.

Despitefully learned deep Maenpo shall have secretory aspiration of alone student heartstrings so deep sincere menekuni and active in its exercise. And avoiding brazen behaviour and perceive was masterly and something who can evoke wrangle, mutually contempt and deep boring learned.

Other thing that prop Maenpo's studying success is healthy its Mind, Healthy its body, heavy duty its energy, and Lovely one's Bone is espoused kindness fine its ethic, Play by play, and favor contemplates study.

Maenpo's pro stories at that moment e.g. Raden Ibrahim's Pilgrims so keen and tough in its studying to its teacher.

a. Antiquity
Requisite becomes MAENPO'S student antiquity shall snipe at may not appear generically and just circle most indeed that gets to be promoted as by student MAENPO which is: men that have cognation or family. Despitefully on their behalf that wants to become student MAENPO shall be coached by persistence until according to teacher maenpo shall be coached as much we eat and
shall be counterbalanced by character that tawadhu' may not bluff up to has knowledge this or her perceives deep masterly mendalami jurus jurus MAENPO or something that evoking wrangle mutually contempt or edge out boring in MAENPO'S studying, and in utilizes it don't until "Menang masuk penjara kalah masuk

b. Present
Requisite becomes MAENPO'S student at the present day actually no difference it with antiquity. But the present day who just that wants to become student MAENPO shan't of environmental family just. Therefore MAENPO IS epoch even now have also a lot of one announces from their generation or teacher them. Are interesting typical to become MAENPO'S student at present era which is the student at oath may not teach this MAENPO'S knowledge for others to except one blood or letting to teach jurus MAENPO to others, but have diamanahkan by teacher or is pointed as representative of teacher.

Martial Arts Traditional MAENPO CIKALONG West Java

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Mr. Memed According Story Raden Obing bin Ibrahim, who was born in Cianjur in the year 1919. In 1994 (age 75 years) it bertutur flow Maenpo that this comes from the Creation Mr. Haji Ibrahim Cikalong.

Cikalong is the name of a place in Cianjur West Java used for naming the flow of this place of birth. Based on oral tradition or the story of the elders who have experienced or know the history of the birth and spread Cikalong West Java, this self-care is becoming a major disciples, that he or Raden Raden Djajaperbata including children and grandchildren who are themselves descendants of Gentlefolk Cikalong West Java.

Because at the time that first spread the Martial Arts Maenpo this family is large or the descendants of Gentlefolk Cikalong West Java. Maenpo previous conclusion is confidential and only be learned by Aria Cikalong environment Dalem (the gentleman). Memed Raden the story also if you want to have the ideal Maenpo need is the perseverance and diligent in learn, among others, he said: "We can run Maenpo the truth only when we are like, so have a skin and meat so united in our bodies."

In Tuturannya Raden Memed also explain that Maenpo Cikalong not devoted to the body shape and size of certain power, but to anyone that both high and well-well-short, both the strong and virile virile weak. People small well in the face of the large well of course try and run tactics in order to fight with the power of small, because the human body can add to the understanding.

For do not be a strong man with strong, should be strong with the weak, the weight must be the light, which must be fast with slow. Deviate from this practice seems not reasonable, therefore Maenpo must direnungkan with a diligent and learned. Without diligent learn with us will not have them. Martial Arts Maenpo fact is able to overcome or conquer the opponent with physical strength does not rely on technical means should be the method with self-care knowledge and perfectly appropriate, so all the survivors who have not got cancer, either ourselves or the opponent.

Mr. Raden Abad one of the Pendekar in Cianjur said that in the behavior Maenpo each movement and follow the intention to dismiss the people who will do damage, refuse renegade who wants to deal with ourselves on the roughness (physical attack).


National Martial Arts Pencak Silat primarily consists of various protean flow originating from the regions of the earth-daearah archipelago. This is a proof of how clever and extraordinary our forefathers in creating an arts and culture the noble values.

In Indonesia, Pencak Silat coordinated in a container the National Sports Committee of Indonesia (koni) the IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia), which consists of various kinds of flow that is directed at the value of art and performance.

Unlike the Martial Arts Maenpo, a pencak / martial Cikalong who come from West Java has 30 Jurus, known as Genesis 27 and 3 Jurus Jurus purpose, which is a Sundanese ethnic Martial Arts, which is the national art and cultural assets that are traditional and in spreading spread secretly or not.

For the spirit of nationalism with the younger generation as we intend to maintain this art, this art and introduce the audience to many especially the younger generation in order to build mental and regeneration as a generation of nation.

Hopefully Maenpo can become a place of mental and regeneration in order to create a whole human being that is human is to remember God and inherit the glorious ancestor of the soul of Indonesia.

With dibuatnya Book Tuturan Code Maenpo this, hopefully facilitate the practice of this martial Sciences pengamalnya to be hackneyed in tuturan read this book to remember outside of the head and diresapi read in the contents of tuturan because this has a meaning and in accordance with the objectives of the Maenpo itself, no other "Becoming a man the benefit of others."