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Maenpo is Self-Defend
You can learn the fighting art of MAENPO ONLINE via VCD and MAENPO'S BOOK
The Wisdom Fighting Art Of Maenpo

As the Master Of Maenpo Jember East Java, I would like to introduce an unique and seldom fighting art that is in heritance of SUNDANESE (West Java). As a young generation, we must continue the national culture in Nusantara, especially the fighting art like "SILAT". MAENPO is the fighting art is defferent with "SILAT", difference is in "SILAT" there is a special organization like IPSI, but in MAENPO there is not a special organization and the learning of this is just face to face between teacher and student. By developing of tehnology all of the people can learn MAENPO via audio visual VCD Film with Title "The Fighting Art Of MAENPO", with the information in this Web Site, I hope it can uncrease your knowledge about the fighting art. The purpose of this is to reserve the pure art of our culture in my beloved nation.

The History Of Maenpo
MAENPO is a simple and unique fighting art by using hand speed with a term "Hand as a gun or Hand is a foot". According to Mr. UTAY MOCHTAR From Kadupandak Village, Cianjur (West Java), MAENPO is from the word "MAENPA" or "MAIN PAPAT" (Four point), that is : Mbah Khair (Bogor), Bang KARI (Betawi), Bang MADI (Pageruyung), SABANDAR (CIANJUR). MAENPO Consist of 27 happening aspect and 3 meaning aspect, that is created by Mr. Haji Ibrahim with the complete name " Raden Djayaperbata " from Cikalong Cianjur West Java. He does not know exactly when he creates this aspec, but he was born on 1816 and he was dead on 1906. He was burried in Majalaya Cikalong Kulon Cianjur. Maenpo is not the same with "SILAT", we can not make competation in MAENPO because the aspect of MAENPO can kill. The Important one of learning MAENPO is we can use the real MAENPO aspect, If we feel our skin will be meat, be at one with our body.
The Truth Of Maenpo

&nbspMAENPO is not only for the people who has special body and power but it is for all the people without thinking whether he/she has tall or short body or he/she has strong power or weak power. The focus of Maenpo is how we use the apect by using our brain than our muscle, it's mean that someone who is this, He/She must be brave to some one who is fat, He/She must look for the way how to face his/her enemy with his/her weak power, it uses our brain because people can uncrease their power by using their brain. People is defferent with animals. If we want to clash the animals, we must look for the same animal because the animals do not have brain, but people who fight with the strong man/woman, he/she must face him/her calmly. According to us, it is imposible, that's why if we want to learn MAENPO, we must be diligent, I'm sure if we do not try and try, we can't get it. (The Wisdom from Raden Abad: motion has a meaning so be careful with someone motion)
The Chronicle Of Maenpo Cikalong

The creator of MAENPO is Mr. Haji Ibrahim from Cikalong Cianjur West Java. There are many Maenpo teachers, They are Haji Ma'ruf, he is 27 th teacher, Bang MADI, he is 28 th teacher and Bang Kari he is the 29 th teacher. According to our teacher Mr Utay Mochtar the first MAENPO is in Cianjur and we call it Maenpo Mande, Mr Haji Ibrahim have combined it with Maenpo Madi and Maenpo Kari. Now, we call it Maenpo Cikalong. Mr. Haji Ibrahim (Raden Djayaperbata) has many students, one of them is Raden Busrin, He studied to Mr Haji Ibrahim and Ama Sabandar. Ama Sabandar has the sure name Kasim, he comes from Pagaruyung West Sumatra and he lived in Sabandar Cianjur. The last one is Raden Abad, he has learned to Raden Busrin for 16 years, he wants to be is a good fighter of Maenpo. Finally, Raden Abad is the professor of Maenpo when he was 32 years old. He has learned this fighting art of Maenpo for 16 years than he tried and tried, in order this fighting art is quick and easy to learn. That's why Raden abad make a summary to this knowledge with the name "Pedoman Kaidah Maenpo" or in the most populer book "Tuduh Kaidah Maenpo", that consist of 5 chapters, they are :
2. Bab Opat Perjalanan (Journey Opat)
3. Bab Rasa (Feeling)
4. Bab Gerak (Movement)
5. Bab Jurus Kejadian (Happening Aspect)
The Process Of Maenpo Aspect Or Happening Aspect

Raden Abad has many students, they are : Mr.Utay Mohctar, Mr. MISBAH, Mr. Yeye, Mr. Banam, Mr. Ucu', all of them came from Kadupandak Cianjur and this knowledge is continued by Mr. Utay for Kadupandak area. There is an interesting story when Mr. Utay learned this fighting art to his teacher Raden Abad. He asked to Raden Abad : "Why does Maenpo have many aspect ? Raden Abad answers it by smiling. He says : in order his students quick and easy to learn, it does not like him learn Maenpo for 16 years". Now, if we want to learn maenpo, we just learn 30 aspect, and we call it "JURUS KEJADIAN" (happening aspect) If we have master it, we can defend our selves by using "Penggalan" (piece), "Remasan" (knead), "Potongan" (fragment) and "Gicel". Because of this Raden Abad creates happening aspect.
In a moment of Maenpo Jember-East Java

The Fighting Art Of Maenpo in West Java only has few interested people now because the young generation think that maenpo is old of date. It is different with the intered person of fighting art in Jember City East Java, with the name RIZKI JOKO SUKMONO MASTER ART Of MAENPO and LSPM PRANA/INNER POWER, he always preserve the fighting art of MAENPO. He has learned it from Mr. UTAY MOCHTAR. He feels as a young generation, he must preserve our national culture (Nusantara Culture) especially Maenpo that come frome sundanese. After he got mandate from his teacher Mr. Utay Mochtar, he develop this fighting art to his students in Jember East Java.

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